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Newport Bottling & Canning is a leading beverage development company offering a full range of drink consulting services all the way to beverage copacking. For over 40 years, our flavor chemist, Bill The Flavor Guy, has been curating the best natural and organic flavorings for beverages. Learn more about Newport Bottling & Canning and beverage formulation with articles featured in our blog. Browse our categories, including Beverage Development, Drink Business, Drink Ingredients, and Beverage Industry News.

A row of amber glass bottles on a conveyor belt with yellow lids. Choosing the right drink container is an important part of beverage marketing.
12 Jul

Functional Beverage Marketing: Choosing the Drink Container & the Beverage Label Design

The importance of beverage marketing carries more weight than ever before, as the functional drink market has grown tremendously over the past few years. Finding unique ways to showcase your custom beverage and capture consumers’ attention from the crowd may seem impossible, but it’s achievable! So, how do you beat the crowd? In this article, we will discuss the importance of beverage marketing and how the materials you choose, like the drink container and beverage label design, are essential promotional tools. Beverage Marketing Strategy & Budget The process of marketing beverages involves utilizing various resources and tools to expose your brand and custom...

A clear drink sweetener being poured into a glass half-filled with a strawberry carbonated drink.
12 Jul

Pros & Cons of Using Drink Sweeteners to Flavor Beverages

When formulating a beverage, the choice of the drink sweetener plays a crucial role in enhancing the taste and overall appeal. Beverage sweeteners not only offer a better mouthfeel but also complement the flavors and acidity of the drink. Our lead flavor chemist, Bill The Flavor Guy, explains how essential acids and sweeteners are during the beverage formulation process, "You must have the right flavor, the right amount of acid, and the right amount of sugar." In this article, we will delve into the importance of selecting the right drink sweetener for beverage formulation, considering the pros and cons of both traditional...

Rows of dark brown glass bottles on a conveyor belt from a beverage co-packing company.
23 Jun

Beverage Co-Packing: The Sustainable Way

Beverage co-packers, or contract packagers, manufacture and package drink products for their clients within the food and beverage industry. After finding and partnering with the best beverage development company, the next step is to find drink co-packing services with a company aligned with your values. As companies running small and large beverage production lines, it’s our social responsibility to maintain sustainable practices wherever possible. If you’re a beverage company that values sustainability, it’s crucial to find a beverage co-packing partner that embraces your values.  Newport Bottling & Canning is a certified organic facility that conducts sustainable practices with our comprehensive co-packing services,...

Bright and colorful beverage packaging surrounding a tall aluminum can containing organic matcha tea.
23 Jun

5 Ways To Embellish Your Beverage Packaging When Marketing Your Functional Drinks

Drink packaging and labels serve as powerful marketing tools that impact a beverage brand’s success in retail and online. These beverage marketing tools communicate the brand's message, enhance consumer perception, differentiate the product, and ultimately contribute to sales and brand loyalty. As consumers scan the beverage aisle, they’ll be drawn to their favorite beverages or something alluring and new. Their decision to choose your drink over others depends on the choices beverage developers make when it comes to the drink packaging design and material. Beverage Packaging Material There are a variety of drink vessels to choose from, but there are certain elements that...