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Newport Bottling & Canning is a leading beverage development company offering a full range of drink consulting services all the way to beverage copacking. For over 40 years, our flavor chemist, Bill The Flavor Guy, has been curating the best natural and organic flavorings for beverages. Learn more about Newport Bottling & Canning and beverage formulation with articles featured in our blog. Browse our categories, including Beverage Development, Drink Business, Drink Ingredients, and Beverage Industry News.

4 Aug

The Benefits of Experimenting with Drink Flavoring During the Beverage Formulation Process

Beverage formulation is the process of hand-crafting a custom drink with skilled professionals, such as flavor chemists, quality control technicians, and industry experts. If you’re interested in crafting the next trending drink, it’s vital to work with flavor chemists when experimenting with beverage flavorings. Flavor is the entire sensory experience that is produced by a drink or food, which includes the combination of taste, aroma, and chemical reaction. During the beverage formulation process, it's crucial to experiment with different drink flavors due to their complex nature. Your best chance of crafting a great-tasting and pleasurable drink is to work with flavor...

4 Aug

11 of the Best Seasonal Drink Flavorings

From light and refreshing springtime flavors and invigorating cool summer drink flavorings to cozy fall beverage flavors and comforting warm winter drink flavors, seasonal drink flavorings complement the essence of each season. Whether you're seeking a zesty burst of citrus for spring or a cozy spiced delight for winter in your drink formula, our team of beverage consultants can work with a diverse range of seasonal flavors to captivate consumers. Uncover the ultimate list of the eleven most beloved flavors to make the best seasonal drinks. 1. The Vibrant Flavor of Blue Raspberry Blue raspberry has a bold, sweet, and tart taste. This drink...

These plant-based ingredients are hand-crafted by experienced flavor chemists to replace artificial flavors.
21 Jul

5 of the Most Popular Plant-Based Drink Ingredients

What Are Plant-Based Ingredients? Raw materials derived from fruits, vegetables, and plants are considered plant-based ingredients. These plant-sourced ingredients serve as nutritious additions or substitutes for non-plant-based options. Recently, the plant-based ingredients market has been soaring and is estimated to reach over $12 million by 2030. The growing demand for plant-based drinks and food is driven by various factors, such as lifestyle changes, food intolerances, and more health-conscious consumers. In this article, we will discuss five of the most popular plant-based ingredients for beverages and the best ways to incorporate them into your functional drinks. Top 5 Plant-Based Beverage Ingredients 1. Plant-Based Milk Plant-based milk ingredients...

The flavor, coconut, pairs well with other popular summer flavors, like mango, banana, and pineapple. You can infuse the coconut drink flavoring into sparkling water, spritzers, flavored water, energy drinks, seltzer, or bubbly drinks to add a delicious and healthy element to your summer beverages.
21 Jul

Featured Summer Drink Flavors To Beat the Heat

At Newport Bottling and Canning, we understand that the world of natural and organic flavors for beverages is constantly evolving, with preferences shifting year over year. This summer season, we see a delightful assortment of drink flavors that promise satisfaction and refreshment. The trend of creating invigorating beverages with these summer flavors provides consumers with a diverse range of options to beat the heat and entice the senses. Popular summer beverage flavors like coconut, lime, lemon, and cherry are bright and light on the palette and enhance any drink formula – whether it’s water, juice, soda, a smoothie, a shake, tea,...