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A Fresh Take on Fall Beverage Flavoring Trends

It’s that time of the year when the leaves are turning vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow, the weather outside is dropping in temperature, people are beginning to wear their sweaters, and fall drinks are becoming all the rage. With Autumn approaching, many popular fall beverage trends are on the rise. Whether you enjoy the comfort of a hot fall-flavored drink or something refreshing and iced, we’ve compiled a...

The Flavor Guy

The Art & Science of Beverage Flavor Creation: Insights from Bill The Flavor Guy

Have you ever been transported to a different place or felt a vivid memory triggered by a particular flavor? Flavors are remarkable sensations that play a pivotal role in our lives. For example, coconut is a versatile ingredient that blends perfectly with the vibrancy of mango, banana, and pineapple. This flavor combination creates a tropical sensation that dances on the taste buds with every sip, enhancing the overall experience. But...

The Flavor Guy

The Rising Popularity of Detox Drinks

Detox drinks are a newer beverage trend, but detoxing has existed for thousands of years in various forms. Native Americans have traditionally used sweat lodges as part of their rituals, and the first instance of what we know as a sauna dates back to Finland around 2,000 years ago. Drinking organic fluids to boost immunity and improve overall health has also been a fixture in numerous cultures over time. Today,...

Bill Sabo

Kombucha & Probiotics: Crafting Healthy Kombucha Drinks

What Is Kombucha? Believed to have originated in China over 2,000 years ago, kombucha is traditionally a fermented tea drink. This trendy probiotic drink, kombucha, is characterized by its low-calorie content and potential benefits to overall health. With health-conscious consumers seeking the best quality drinks on the market, advertisers are marketing kombucha tea as a drink with health benefits. Meanwhile, social media influencers who promote kombucha spark a desire among their followers...

Bill Sabo

Gen Z Drink Habits: Crafting Irresistible Beverage Formulas

Unleashing Flavor Innovation  Gen Z drink trends are constantly changing and adapting to meet the unique taste preferences of this generation. When it comes to drinking choices, Gen Z is always on the lookout for something new and exciting. Newport Bottling & Canning recognizes this need for unique experiences, and we are dedicated to providing customized drink options that cater to this desire.  Crafting the Perfect Beverage with Gen Z's Palates in...

Bill Sabo

The Benefits of Experimenting with Drink Flavoring During the Beverage Formulation Process

Beverage formulation is the process of hand-crafting a custom drink with skilled professionals, such as flavor chemists, quality control technicians, and industry experts. If you’re interested in crafting the next trending drink, it’s vital to work with flavor chemists when experimenting with beverage flavorings. Flavor is the entire sensory experience that is produced by a drink or food, which includes the combination of taste, aroma, and chemical reaction. During the beverage...

Bill Sabo
The flavor, coconut, pairs well with other popular summer flavors, like mango, banana, and pineapple. You can infuse the coconut drink flavoring into sparkling water, spritzers, flavored water, energy drinks, seltzer, or bubbly drinks to add a delicious and healthy element to your summer beverages.

Featured Summer Drink Flavors To Beat the Heat

At Newport Bottling and Canning, we understand that the world of natural and organic flavors for beverages is constantly evolving, with preferences shifting year over year. This summer season, we see a delightful assortment of drink flavors that promise satisfaction and refreshment. The trend of creating invigorating beverages with these summer flavors provides consumers with a diverse range of options to beat the heat and entice the senses. Popular summer beverage...

Bill Sabo
A row of amber glass bottles on a conveyor belt with yellow lids. Choosing the right drink container is an important part of beverage marketing.

Functional Beverage Marketing: Choosing the Drink Container & the Beverage Label Design

The importance of beverage marketing carries more weight than ever before, as the functional drink market has grown tremendously over the past few years. Finding unique ways to showcase your custom beverage and capture consumers’ attention from the crowd may seem impossible, but it’s achievable! So, how do you beat the crowd? In this article, we will discuss the importance of beverage marketing and how the materials you choose, like the...

Bill Sabo
Rows of dark brown glass bottles on a conveyor belt from a beverage co-packing company.

Beverage Co-Packing: The Sustainable Way

Beverage co-packers, or contract packagers, manufacture and package drink products for their clients within the food and beverage industry. After finding and partnering with the best beverage development company, the next step is to find drink co-packing services with a company aligned with your values. As companies running small and large beverage production lines, it’s our social responsibility to maintain sustainable practices wherever possible. If you’re a beverage company that values...

Bill Sabo
Bright and colorful beverage packaging surrounding a tall aluminum can containing organic matcha tea.

5 Ways To Embellish Your Beverage Packaging When Marketing Your Functional Drinks

Drink packaging and labels serve as powerful marketing tools that impact a beverage brand’s success in retail and online. These beverage marketing tools communicate the brand's message, enhance consumer perception, differentiate the product, and ultimately contribute to sales and brand loyalty. As consumers scan the beverage aisle, they’ll be drawn to their favorite beverages or something alluring and new. Their decision to choose your drink over others depends on the choices...

Bill Sabo