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16 Oct

A Fresh Take on Fall Beverage Flavoring Trends

It’s that time of the year when the leaves are turning vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow, the weather outside is dropping in temperature, people are beginning to wear their sweaters, and fall drinks are becoming all the rage. With Autumn approaching, many popular fall beverage trends are on the rise. Whether you enjoy the comfort of a hot fall-flavored drink or something refreshing and iced, we’ve compiled a list of 14 trendy autumn beverage flavors.

Popular Fall Drink Flavors

Spicy, comforting, warm, and indulgent – there is a variety of flavors and flavorful combinations of fall beverages to choose from this festive season.

  1. Apple cider: One of the best fall drinks, you’ll find apple cider on store shelves, at pumpkin farms, and at the fair. With an aroma of apples and spices, apple cider is a comforting autumn drink that is sweet and a little tart. This delicious fall beverage flavor can be served hot or iced, depending on your preference. Enjoy crisp apple cider by itself, or use this as a base for mulled cider. Add a dash of cinnamon for a refreshing take, as this fall spice pairs well with the apple cider beverage.
  2. Bourbon: With a complex flavor profile that is a little bit sweet, nutty, and spicy, bourbon can add flavorful notes to fall mixed drinks. Whether you enjoy an autumn cocktail, like a Manhattan or an old-fashioned, or simply want to spice up your cup of coffee, bourbon can enhance your fall cocktails. 
  3. Butterscotch: Intensely rich and indulgent, butterscotch is an autumn drink flavor that pairs well with coffee, milkshakes, hot chocolate, and sweet cocktails. With notes of vanilla and toffee, butterscotch can add warmth to any fall beverage and delight your taste buds.
  4. Caramel: While caramel is considered a year-round flavor, this buttery, nutty, and sweet flavoring is also popular in the fall. Drinks can be sweetened with caramel to enhance their flavor profile. Enjoy a caramel latte, salted caramel hot chocolate, or a cup of hot tea with this mouthwatering autumn beverage flavor. 
  5. Chai: With a blend of aromatic spices, this creamy flavoring gives autumn drinks like tea a bold flavor unlike any other. On a chilly fall afternoon, warm up with a hot cup of chai tea or a chai latte that is slightly spicy and a tad bit sweet.
  6. Cinnamon: This cozy spice enhances fall beverages like hot chocolate, apple cider, coffee, and tea, giving them a flavorful essence and a comforting aroma. Cinnamon has a distinct flavoring that is slightly spicy, sweet, and woody. 
  7. Cranberry: A fruit associated with fall and the holidays, cranberry flavoring can be added to autumn drinks for a sweet yet tart and refreshing twist. Flavor water with a dash of cranberry flavor, or add cranberry juice to a cocktail for an invigorating, fall alcoholic drink.
  8. Ginger: This zesty autumn drink flavor is slightly spicy with notes of citrus and has a potent aroma. Create refreshing drinks, like sodas, teas, Moscow mules, and ginger beers with this fall beverage flavor.
  9. Hazelnut: A little bit nutty, creamy, and buttery, this fall flavoring has a roasted flavor profile that adds depth to beverages. Fall drinks like mochas, lattes, cappuccinos, and hot cocoas can be flavored with hazelnut. 
  10. Maple: The warmth, sweetness, smokiness, and nuttiness of maple shine through in various fall beverages like lattes, martinis, hot chocolates, and milkshakes. The natural sweetness of maple pairs well with vanilla and bourbon.
  11. Pomegranate: Another favorite fall beverage flavoring is pomegranate, with its juicy, sweet, and tart flavor. For an invigorating fruity flavor, Autumn drinks like smoothies, juice blends, spritzers, and cocktails can be enhanced with pomegranate.
  12. Pumpkin: A quintessential fall drink flavor associated with the start of the holiday season, pumpkin spice can be added to autumn beverages like coffee, lattes, tea, smoothies, hot chocolate, and mixed drinks. The earthy, sweet flavor of pumpkin pairs well with cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla to create fall-inspired elixirs. Pumpkin is your go-to autumn flavoring when you want a classic, cozy fall beverage flavor.
  13. Rum: Smooth, sweet, and warm, rum gives autumn drinks like coffee and cocktails exceptional flavor. Enjoy a hot toddy or a spiced apple cider with rum for a fall alcoholic drink that warms you from within.
  14. Vanilla: A timeless favorite, vanilla is a year-round staple for beverage flavoring and pairs well with many of these other fall drink flavors. Enjoy a French vanilla latte, a vanilla pumpkin milkshake, or a maple vanilla hot chocolate. Vanilla flavoring gives fall beverages a warm flavor profile and aroma.

Types of Autumn Beverages

With the seasons changing, autumn brings chillier weather and a bevy of fall-inspired drinks that are comforting. No matter what type of fall beverage you are craving, something always hits the spot during this festive season. Many people enjoy hot fall drinks like herbal teas, coffees, mochas, lattes, hot chocolate, and apple cider, as these beverages create a sense of warmth from within with each sip. Some popular types of refreshing cold fall drinks that incorporate many of the flavors listed above include juices, flavored water, frappucinos, milkshakes, smoothies, and soda. Those who are 21 and older can enjoy the flavors of fall in alcoholic beverages, like beer, wine, ciders, liqueurs, and fall cocktails.

Create Your Own Fall Beverages

If you are inspired by one of these fall drink flavors and would like to try your hand at creating a festive fall drink, our beverage consultants can work with you to create an innovative beverage formula. With our sister company, Nature’s Flavors, we provide organic and natural flavors that can be added to any autumn beverage imaginable. Choose your favorite autumn flavoring, and let us help you make your fall-flavored drink a reality. Contact us to get started today! 

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