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Beverage Industry News

Get insights into current beverage industry trends by reading some of the articles that our drink consulting team has compiled in this category. You’ll find posts about future predictions for the functional beverage market as well. Stay up-to-date with news about the beverage market by getting the latest scoop from our team at Newport Bottling & Canning.

21 Aug

Gen Z Drink Habits: Crafting Irresistible Beverage Formulas

Unleashing Flavor Innovation  Gen Z drink trends are constantly changing and adapting to meet the unique taste preferences of this generation. When it comes to drinking choices, Gen Z is always on the lookout for something new and exciting. Newport Bottling & Canning recognizes this need for unique experiences, and we are dedicated to providing customized drink options that cater to this desire.  Crafting the Perfect Beverage with Gen Z's Palates in Mind In the beverage world, flavor experimentation has turned into an art that attracts both experienced enthusiasts and Gen Z's bold tastes. If you're looking to delve into taste, innovation, and...

4 Aug

11 of the Best Seasonal Drink Flavorings

From light and refreshing springtime flavors and invigorating cool summer drink flavorings to cozy fall beverage flavors and comforting warm winter drink flavors, seasonal drink flavorings complement the essence of each season. Whether you're seeking a zesty burst of citrus for spring or a cozy spiced delight for winter in your drink formula, our team of beverage consultants can work with a diverse range of seasonal flavors to captivate consumers. Uncover the ultimate list of the eleven most beloved flavors to make the best seasonal drinks. 1. The Vibrant Flavor of Blue Raspberry Blue raspberry has a bold, sweet, and tart taste. This drink...

Read about the latest beverage business insights in our post, The Top 2023 Beverage Trends, to learn about what drink trends companies are following.
8 Jun

The Top 2023 Beverage Trends

As we dive into the top beverage trends for 2023, it’s clear that the drink industry has experienced unprecedented shifts since the global pandemic. Even though the crisis of lockdown and health scares has settled, consumers are still prioritizing functional drinks with health-boosting benefits. Consumer habits have changed in nearly every aspect of this beverage industry, leading to some new drink trends.  As a beverage development and production company with over 40 years of experience, this article will aim to provide insights into the latest trends in the beverage industry. Beverage Industry Trends in the Market New consumer habits develop and directly...