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A row of amber glass bottles on a conveyor belt with yellow lids. Choosing the right drink container is an important part of beverage marketing.
12 Jul

Functional Beverage Marketing: Choosing the Drink Container & the Beverage Label Design

The importance of beverage marketing carries more weight than ever before, as the functional drink market has grown tremendously over the past few years. Finding unique ways to showcase your custom beverage and capture consumers’ attention from the crowd may seem impossible, but it’s achievable!

So, how do you beat the crowd? In this article, we will discuss the importance of beverage marketing and how the materials you choose, like the drink container and beverage label design, are essential promotional tools.

Beverage Marketing Strategy & Budget

The process of marketing beverages involves utilizing various resources and tools to expose your brand and custom drink to the right audience. In recent years, beverage development companies have made it easier for new drink entrepreneurs to enter the beverage industry. This leaves the door open to many new beverage companies emerging. On the downside, this leads to an influx of functional beverages saturating the drink space.

Investing time and money into developing a beverage marketing strategy will give you the necessary advantage. One important aspect to include is choosing the right drink container.

Choosing the Beverage Container

The right drink container has the ability to allure new customers and impact your beverage brands’ success in retail and online. The drink vessels you choose should be determined by your budget and the characteristics of your functional beverage.

Aluminum Cans

Some of the most commonly used drink containers for custom beverages are aluminum cans. The increasing popularity of aluminum cans in the drink market is due to their properties like recyclability, cost-effectiveness, ability to block light, and being lightweight. Aluminum cans are the perfect receptacle for drinks like coffee, kombuchas, and bubbly beverages.

At Newport Bottling & Canning, our beverage production lines are designed to accommodate the following aluminum can sizes; 8.4 oz, 12 oz standard, 12 oz sleek, and 16 oz. Plus, we accept 202 LOE Can Ends for our canning line.

Glass Bottles

When developing a beverage, glass bottles have their advantages and disadvantages. These heavy-weighted drink containers bring a sense of luxury and nostalgia to consumers. Additionally, glass bottles serve environmentally conscious consumers by being reusable and recyclable.

Another great feature of glass bottles for drinks is their ability to allow higher carbonation levels. This makes glass bottles the clear choice for champagne or even non-alcoholic champagnes. However, when choosing the ideal drink container for your custom beverages, glass bottles can increase your cost per drink, and they are more prone to breaking.

PET Plastic

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) plastic stands as the preferred drink container for beverage companies since PET drink bottles are cost-effective. However, the global climate crisis has made consumers less tolerant of plastic bottles.

Other downsides to plastic bottles for drinks include their inability to block light which can negatively affect the quality and taste of certain beverages. For a more sustainable beverage container option, explore paper-based packaging.

Paper-Based Drink Packaging

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in paper-based packaging as an alternative to materials like plastic in the beverage industry. By opting for paper-based packaging, beverage companies can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.

While paper-based packaging works well for certain beverages like juices, water, and non-carbonated drinks, it may not be suitable for drinks with specific requirements, such as high-temperature resistance.

Our team of beverage consultants can help determine the best beverage container for your custom drink and budget!

Designing Your Custom Drink Label

A can of peach lavender flavored matcha surrounded by lavender.

The decision-making process for consumers hinges on the choices you make for the beverage label design. By collaborating with beverage consultants and graphic designers, you can strategically determine how to create a captivating, custom drink label design that truly resonates with your target audience and effectively differentiates your product in a crowded market.

When choosing a graphic designer, make sure the designer has prior experience with beverage label design. Additionally, it’s important the designer is familiar with the dimensions and specifications of your chosen drink container. This will eliminate common issues such as label misfitting and improper alignment with the can or bottle.

When you team up with our beverage experts at Newport Bottling & Canning, you’ll have access to a dedicated quality control team as well as accomplished professionals specializing in nutrition label development. Our experts are committed to optimizing efficiency and streamlining your operations by ensuring that your beverage label follows government guidelines. With their expertise, you can save valuable time while maintaining compliance and promoting your custom beverage with confidence.

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