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For drinks to be considered functional, beverages can simply provide energy, like coffee or hydration, like coconut water.
31 May

What Are Functional Beverages?

If you haven’t noticed already, functional beverages have been filling the refrigerated drink aisles at grocery and convenience stores for a while now with their health-promising benefits. Since Covid-19, consumers have become more health conscious and are exploring natural remedies like herbs and teas. The consistently high demand for healthy drinks is leading the functional beverage market to skyrocket to an estimated $200 million industry by 2030. 

For drinks to be considered functional, beverages can simply provide energy, like coffee, or hydration, like coconut water. But with more innovative functional drink ingredients being discovered, consumers are expecting more from their beverages, like a sleep aid, mental clarity, immune support, and digestive health. Functional drinks have little to no artificial ingredients and zero-sugar sweeteners, making them a healthier alternative to many of the sugar-filled beverages that exist on store shelves.

The Ingredients Behind Functional Drinks

Thanks to the growing popularity of functional beverages, new drinks are popping up everywhere with a variety of flavors, benefits, and styles. Some functional beverage brands make adding essential nutrients like prebiotics their main priority. While other companies like Yum Matcha, make flavored matcha its mission for the associated calming energy and powerful antioxidant properties. Although functional ingredients, like matcha, may sound new and trendy, matcha actually dates back to the 13th century! 

Flavor chemists, like Bill the Flavor Guy here at Newport Bottling & Canning, travel the world to explore the latest and greatest functional beverage ingredients. From ashwagandha to L-theanine, our lead flavor chemist has decades of experience making natural, organic, and herbal ingredients taste delicious. 

While the demand for functional drinks is increasing, consumers still prioritize taste. “A good efficacy product is always married to the proper flavor,” said Bill the Flavor Guy.

What’s Next for Functional Beverages?

Beverage experts believe the next great functional drinks on the rise are non-alcoholic wines, liqueurs, and seltzers. Globally, the non-alcoholic beverage market is on trend to reach $1,257.77 billion by 2027. For some beverage companies, it’s not enough to have a non-alcoholic wine. Consumers still want mood-enhancing ingredients without a hangover, like CBD and reishi mushrooms. 

Functional beverages continue to sweep consumers off their feet for their taste, promising health benefits, and convenience. At Newport Bottling & Canning, we specialize in helping customers create functional beverage brands that deliver on the health claims and provide an exceptional taste. As an in-house organic copacking facility, we have access to the best natural and organic flavorings and ingredients from Nature’s Flavors to use when creating functional drink formulas.

Some of the most common types of beverages in the functional drinks market are energy drinks and teas. Our beverage specialists have experience developing both of these functional beverages, as well as many more. Newport Bottling & Canning has the capability to create functional hot and cold drinks.

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