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The Newport Bottling & Canning Workshop / Drink Ingredients  / Healthy Drink Trends: Deep Dive Into Natural and Organic Ingredients
The healthy drinks market is growing, as consumers are seeking healthier options. Learn about organic & natural ingredients used in health & wellness beverages.
31 May

Healthy Drink Trends: Deep Dive Into Natural and Organic Ingredients

The healthy beverage market has seen tremendous growth since 2020 and continues to rise. By 2030, the functional beverage market is forecasted to reach over $200 million due to the greater demand for drinks like kombucha, healthy sodas, and teas with greater nutritional value.

What’s Really Inside These Wellness Drinks That Gives Them Their Healthy-Claim-Power?

The wellness drinks that have been crowding the refrigerated drinks section at grocery stores make promising health claims, such as immune support, clean energy, and prebiotics. How is it possible for a single drink to have so many health benefits and still be enjoyable?

The Secret Behind Healthy Beverages

Healthy drink entrepreneurs are teaming up with beverage development companies, like Newport Bottling & Canning that specialize in sourcing the best natural and organic ingredients. Newport Bottling & Canning is home to a team of flavor chemists with over 40 years of experience connecting science and the art of flavor.

A Look Inside Healthy Drinks

Artificial and other non-nutritive ingredients are easily replaceable with natural and organic ingredients, such as natural colors, natural flavors, minerals, and herbs. Some wellness beverages even include additional functional ingredients like ashwagandha, probiotics, and antioxidants to offer even more health benefits to consumers. From probiotic mocktails to protein shakes packed with natural flavors, healthy drink brands are developing products that prioritize nutrition and all-natural ingredients.

The lead flavor chemist at Newport Bottling & Canning, Bill The Flavor Guy, shares, “So in today’s environment, people are really concerned about what they’re putting inside their bodies. So they really look at what’s [the nutritional value] of this product.” As consumers continue to value natural and organic ingredients, the healthy beverage industry is sure to reap the benefits.

How To Incorporate Natural & Organic Ingredients in Your Wellness Drink

If you’re interested in creating one of the next healthiest flavored drinks on the market, you’ll need a team of beverage experts to stand out from the rest. The base of your natural drink, ingredients, and the development process can determine the best ingredients to use and which to avoid. 

For example, did you know natural red, pink, and purple colors are more prone to turning brown than other natural colors? Natural red colorings contain a pigment called anthocyanins that are sensitive to high temperatures. Fortunately, when you work with a team of highly accomplished flavor chemists, like those at Newport Bottling & Canning, you can rest assured they will do the hard work for you!

 Will Natural Ingredients Affect the Taste of My Healthy Drink?

There’s a common myth that healthy drinks and foods do not taste good. After all, a majority of consumers still value taste over health benefits.  

After decades of experience crafting beverage formulas, Newport Bottling & Canning’s lead flavor chemist knows what consumers are seeking when it comes to health and wellness beverages. He says, “The most important thing about a beverage, especially if it’s a functional beverage, is that consumers want a product that tastes really good and they now want it to be good for them.” 

 Some herbal teas with the most amazing benefits, like valerian root, have the most off-putting taste and aroma. But Newport Bottling & Canning has been developing custom beverage formulations for herbal teas and other types of wellness drinks, so we know which natural flavorings will deliver the best overall taste and health benefits.

The best part of working with Newport Bottling & Canning is having access to the finest selection of natural and organic flavorings from our sister company, Nature’s Flavors. The process of creating exceptional health and wellness beverages can be completed under one roof at our organic certified beverage copacking facility. Our drink consultants work alongside healthy beverage brands by sharing their knowledge and experience of the beverage development process – leading to the creation of natural and organic drinks with the healthiest ingredients. 

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  • melissaketodiet
    June 14, 2023 at 4:19 pm

    Great post on healthy drink trends! I appreciate the deep dive into natural and organic ingredients. It’s important to know what we’re putting into our bodies. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.
    Stay Blessed – Mel

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