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Newport Bottling & Canning is a leading beverage development company offering a full range of drink consulting services all the way to beverage copacking. For over 40 years, our flavor chemist, Bill The Flavor Guy, has been curating the best natural and organic flavorings for beverages. Learn more about Newport Bottling & Canning and beverage formulation with articles featured in our blog. Browse our categories, including Beverage Development, Drink Business, Drink Ingredients, and Beverage Industry News.

A member of our beverage consultant team in a lab testing purple food coloring for formulated drinks.
21 Jun

How to Choose the Best Beverage Consultants to Make Your Dream Drink a Reality

Beverage consultants provide aspiring drink entrepreneurs, regardless of their experience level, the opportunity to create the next great ready-to-drink beverage on the market. What Is a Beverage Consultant? A drink consultant is a professional within the beverage industry who provides expertise and guidance to beverage entrepreneurs and businesses. With the expertise of a beverage development consultant, businesses can stay competitive, adapt to market trends, and deliver memorable drink experiences to their customers. How to Select a Beverage Development Consultant It’s essential to consider several factors to ensure you’re choosing the best beverage consultants. Some drink entrepreneurs even shop around to find the best beverage...

SweetenFX, Nature's Flavors proprietary blend of erythritol and stevia pouring from a spoon.
21 Jun

Monk Fruit, Erythritol & Stevia Drinks: Your Guide to Sugar Alternatives in Beverage Development

Sugar alternatives, like natural and organic sweeteners, are commonly found in many beverages, as sugar-free drinks are increasing in popularity. With this trend of healthier drinks being introduced in the beverage market, many beverage development companies are answering consumer demand with drinks sweetened with stevia, erythritol, and monk fruit sweeteners as sugar substitutes. According to the American Heart Association, beverages, without nutritional content, are the leading category source for Americans consuming an average of 17 teaspoons of sugar in a day. That’s the rich high-fructose corn syrup found in sodas, fruit juices, energy drinks, coffees, and teas. Although consumers are looking for...

CBD-infused beverages use CBD, a natural non-psychoactive compound from the hemp plant.
20 Jun

CBD Drinks: Creating CBD-Infused Beverages

Consumers are becoming more and more interested in getting their health benefits from functional beverages, like CBD drinks. These beverages get their health power claims from the added functional ingredients like cannabidiol or CBD. CBD is a natural non-psychoactive compound from the hemp plant. CBD beverages are believed to aid in anxiety and stress and even relieve chronic pain. With all these amazing qualities, it’s no wonder the global cannabidiol retail market is expected to soar to over $5 billion by 2030. Consumers can find CBD-infused drinks at convenience stores and liquor stores, in the form of flavored sparkling waters,...

Read about the latest beverage business insights in our post, The Top 2023 Beverage Trends, to learn about what drink trends companies are following.
8 Jun

The Top 2023 Beverage Trends

As we dive into the top beverage trends for 2023, it’s clear that the drink industry has experienced unprecedented shifts since the global pandemic. Even though the crisis of lockdown and health scares has settled, consumers are still prioritizing functional drinks with health-boosting benefits. Consumer habits have changed in nearly every aspect of this beverage industry, leading to some new drink trends.  As a beverage development and production company with over 40 years of experience, this article will aim to provide insights into the latest trends in the beverage industry. Beverage Industry Trends in the Market New consumer habits develop and directly...