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Newport Bottling & Canning is a leading beverage development company offering a full range of drink consulting services all the way to beverage copacking. For over 40 years, our flavor chemist, Bill The Flavor Guy, has been curating the best natural and organic flavorings for beverages. Learn more about Newport Bottling & Canning and beverage formulation with articles featured in our blog. Browse our categories, including Beverage Development, Drink Business, Drink Ingredients, and Beverage Industry News.

7 Sep

The Rising Popularity of Detox Drinks

Detox drinks are a newer beverage trend, but detoxing has existed for thousands of years in various forms. Native Americans have traditionally used sweat lodges as part of their rituals, and the first instance of what we know as a sauna dates back to Finland around 2,000 years ago. Drinking organic fluids to boost immunity and improve overall health has also been a fixture in numerous cultures over time. Today, this has evolved into the more commercial side of ready-to-drink detox drinks we see online and on the store shelves.  Crafting and bottling natural detox beverages necessitates accurate quality control measures....

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7 Sep

Creating Craft Sodas: Your Guide to Entering the Soft Drink Industry

Are you thinking about stepping into the world of craft sodas? These artisanal soft drinks have captured the attention of people looking for something different from mass-produced sodas. In fact, the global craft soda market is projected to reach a sales volume of $1,011.8 million by 2030.  If you're excited to create your own unique flavored custom sodas or start a craft soda business, this guide is here to help. Let's explore the essential steps of craft soda production to get you started. Understand Your Target Audience: Craft Soda Market Research & Analysis It's important to conduct thorough market research before delving into...

30 Aug

Kombucha & Probiotics: Crafting Healthy Kombucha Drinks

What Is Kombucha? Believed to have originated in China over 2,000 years ago, kombucha is traditionally a fermented tea drink. This trendy probiotic drink, kombucha, is characterized by its low-calorie content and potential benefits to overall health. With health-conscious consumers seeking the best quality drinks on the market, advertisers are marketing kombucha tea as a drink with health benefits. Meanwhile, social media influencers who promote kombucha spark a desire among their followers for the effervescent elixir. Over time, kombucha has remained top of mind as a wellness beverage offering many advantages. As the popularity of this fizzy probiotic beverage increases among the...

21 Aug

Gen Z Drink Habits: Crafting Irresistible Beverage Formulas

Unleashing Flavor Innovation  Gen Z drink trends are constantly changing and adapting to meet the unique taste preferences of this generation. When it comes to drinking choices, Gen Z is always on the lookout for something new and exciting. Newport Bottling & Canning recognizes this need for unique experiences, and we are dedicated to providing customized drink options that cater to this desire.  Crafting the Perfect Beverage with Gen Z's Palates in Mind In the beverage world, flavor experimentation has turned into an art that attracts both experienced enthusiasts and Gen Z's bold tastes. If you're looking to delve into taste, innovation, and...