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The Newport Bottling & Canning Workshop / Drink Business  / The Popularity of Flavored Water Drinks: Sparkling & Still
Flavored water drinks can be as simple as adding real fruits or natural flavors to turn plain water into a flavorful beverage
1 Jun

The Popularity of Flavored Water Drinks: Sparkling & Still

The flavored water market is expected to reach $31.26 billion by 2030. Flavored water drinks can be as simple as adding real fruits or natural flavors to turn plain water into a flavorful beverage.

Consumers who dislike the taste of plain water reach for flavored water beverages in grocery stores to increase their water consumption. Since flavored waters are many Americans’ source of hydration, they’re often referred to as a functional drink. You can find still and carbonated flavored water options that are low in calories and sugar.

The History of Flavored Water Drinks

Historians believe flavored water dates back to the early to mid-1500s. Ancient alchemists, discovered the process of heat and distillation to extract the essence of botanicals and herbs, thereby creating naturally flavored water.

For centuries, beverage developers have been crafting and formulating flavored water from natural flavor sources. Today, with the help of natural flavoring companies, like Nature’s Flavors, beverage brands can deliver naturally flavored water with fruit essences.

How Are Flavored Waters Made?

Fortunately, homemade flavored waters are simple for even the most inexperienced cook. When making fruit-flavored water, simply add sliced fruit, such as lemons, cucumbers, or oranges to cold water. The longer you allow the fruit slices to sit in the cold filtered water, the bolder the flavor of the water will be. 

However, if you’re interested in producing canned or bottled flavored water on a much larger scale, you should contact a beverage development company, like Newport Bottling & Canning, as the business is equipped with experienced beverage consultants and flavor chemists. No matter if you have a custom-flavored water beverage recipe or a mere concept, Newport Bottling & Canning can take your drink to the next level.

Are Flavored Waters Healthy?

For consumers who struggle to drink enough water based on taste aversion, flavored sparkling water or still water, low in calories and sugar, are healthy alternatives. After all, proper hydration is the ultimate goal. In fact, research has shown that almost half of the US adult population (47%) is not drinking enough water. Doctors recommend drinking between 11 to 15 cups of water a day. 

So, companies like Hint and La Croix lend a hand to the dehydrated American population by creating healthy flavored waters, free from sugar and artificial ingredients. With the increasing demand for healthy beverages, it’s important for flavored water brands to create bottled or canned flavored water with natural and organic ingredients.

Flavored Carbonated Water

It may surprise you, but carbonation does occur in nature, although not every flavored sparkling water drink is created the same. Carbonated water can receive its effervescent effect naturally or through the process of adding carbonation to a beverage. Natural gases make their way into wells and springs causing naturally carbonated water. You can find companies that source from these bodies of water, like Perrier and The Mountain Valley, to create carbonated flavored waters.

Water Flavorings and Functional Ingredients

Whether you enjoy your flavored water, sparkling or still, grocery store shelves are filled with plenty of options. Some flavored waters even include functional ingredients like CBD or caffeine for an energy boost. If you’re looking to create the next great flavored water, Newport Bottling & Canning has a team of beverage specialists with decades of experience formulating naturally flavored waters.

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